Dangerous Climate Change???


Dangerous Climate Change

There is No "Global Warming!" But there IS a climate HOAX and SCAM that is being supported by RADICAL,  Far-left Marxists & bankers that stand to make TRILLIONS of dollars from this Climate HOAX!

The SUN, NOT " man-made greenhouse gas emissions," 
is the leading  cause of "climate change."

Without sufficient carbon dioxide, plants die and then people die.

Dangerous Climate Change

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The Book, "Dangerous Climate Change!  The Marxist Conspiracy of Climate Fraud, and the 
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The Climate is ALWAYS "Changing" but NOT from man-made (anthropogenic)
sources such as "greenhouse gas emissions."  In fact, the sun's energy output is dynamic 
and the sun goes through "cycles" with varying amounts of energy produced.

The SUN and the energy from the sun is the primary cause of climate change!

How do you explain when icecaps on Mars are decreasing
that the icecaps on Earth are decreasing?

How do you explain when icecaps on Mars are increasing
that the icecaps on Earth are increasing?


What is Dangerous Climate Change?

Dangerous Climate Change is nothing but a hoax with TRILLIONS of dollars to be "made" (STOLEN) by greedy bankers, marxists and national socialists, that are behind the MYTH Of dangerous climate change. These greedy, self-serving know NOTHING about "climate change" and pay for fraudulent studies that support their agenda and desire for a "cap and trade" or "carbon tax."

The FACTS are:

We support a rapid transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear power to renewable energy and the immediate end of  purchasing foreign oil - particularly from OPEC/Middle-east countries as traditional free market capitalism opportunities develop. 

We also support onsite power generation, distributed generation, dispersed power and "Net Zero Energy" technologies, again, as it makes economic sense.


Anthropogenic "Greenhouse Gas Emissions" have ZERO 
Impact on Earth's Climate.

Greenhouse gas emissions going from 280 ppm (parts per million) to 400 ppm 
- which is an increase 120 ppm over 100 years - 
is ONLY a 1% of 1% increase! 

How can 120 parts per million 
(that's 120 out of 1,000,000)
of GHG emissions cause ANY change in Earth's climate?!?

Do you realize how INSIGNIFICANT 
an increase of 120 parts per million 
of GHG emissions are?

1,000,000 parts per million is the standard unit of measure 
of gases in the atmosphere

And an increase of 120 ppm of GHG emissions out of a 
total of 1,000,000 ppm causes the end of the world?!?

That's laughable.

The Earth's atmosphere has:

79% Nitrogen which equals 790,000 parts per million
20% Oxygen which equals 200,000 parts per million

So, our atmosphere has 990,000 parts per million of N2 and O2

And 400 ppm/1,000,000 ppm of GHG emissions 
CAN'T "cause" ANYTHING to happen to our atmosphere, 
much less "global warming" or "climate change!"

The above diagram courtesy of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville

There are many other gases and "emissions" that make up the other
10,000 parts per million (10,000/1,000,000) of atmospheric gases.

An increase of GHG emissions from 280/1,000,000
(120 PPM 
out of 
1,000,000 PPM)

Will NOT cause ANY change to Earth's climate!

How can you explain when Earth's Arctic ice-caps are melting, 
ice-caps on Mars are melting? For you Al Gore / George Soros 
Kool-Aid drinkers - there are no Man-made Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Mars!

How can you explain that when the total amount of ice increases on Mars
the ice in the Arctic & Antarctic on our planet also increases?


Dangerous Climate Change






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Dangerous Climate Change





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